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Arturo was the graphic voice of the Ramones there erstwhile 5th member and a long time East Village compatriot. He lived right around the corner from CBGB’s and let countless soon to be famous punk rock legends crash at his infamous loft including many of the Ramones. He was one of the architects of what was to become NY Punk Rock. He was also a gentleman of the highest order. He created the Ramones classic logo and was a sweetheart of a man. He defined the word OG. He was also my neighbor and I am going to miss seeing Arturo when I walk down 2nd street I was always psyched to see him in all his charming glory, Arturo was a real NY Classic.

Rest in Power my friend you were epically amazing.

Dante Ross



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long time favorites of mine The Bronxxx combine all things heavy from stoner rock to hardcore and everything in between much to my liking. They played here last week it was epic it always is. One of the most consistently good heavy bands around plus they have a killer name. Singer Matt Caughthrans vocals are amazing, melodic and when it comes to straight out screaming he has very few rivals in this area. They’re music is cathartic, aggressive, funny and at times very emotional. They alternate between they’re alter ago Marriachi El Bronx the boys Mariachi version of the Band and simply being The Bronxxx. The have released 3 Bronx records all with the same titles which is kind of fitting, the band has if nothing else a snarky sarcasm to them that is fully punk rock. I appreciate they’re fuck you attitude and they have that attitude in droves.

They Will Kill Us Without Mercy:

Shitty Future:

I sometimes feel like they were birthed in the wrong era as the music has a retro punk vibe at times more akin to bands like the Damned or early Bad Religion then they usual garbage posing as punk music these days.
If you get a chance to see the boys do it they freaking rock!

Past Lives:

D Ross


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DR J can still dunk at 63 years of age….. shit I couldnt dunk at 26 years of age haha…
I watched DR J as a kid when he was a Net. He was a class act from day 1 and he’s from Long Island NY. One of my all time favorite players dig him in his prime:

Watch that TBS documentary about DRJ it’s pretty epic.


Magnum Opus: The Making of Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “T.R.O.Y”

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This piece seriously got me choked up. Just a beautiful and thoughtful mini doc on one of the most powerful songs in the history of HipHop. I am proud to have been a small piece of this puzzle and honored to have helped be a conduit for this and all the great music Pete and CL made while I worked with them.

Thanks peoples

D Ross NYC


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OK So John King owned Chung King studios for 20+ years. I recorded there for a solid 15 of those years including mixing amongst other artists ODB, Santana, and Brand Nubians. I always considered John a friend although a bit of a kook. John recently filmed some viral videos talking about the history of Chung King which is pretty lengthy. John also straight lied in one of these stories. He basically interjected him in to a piece of my personal history that he emphatically was not involved in. I told this tale on The Berrics website in 2009 and it was picked up by XXL, Miss Info and Nah Right.
The story involves my dear friend Chris Lighty and his brother Dave as well. I honestly feel kind of tight about Johns infraction. For proof I suggest you watch both of these video clips:
My Berrics HipHop History 101 piece which ran in 2009: ODB pee’s on LL cool J record

John Kings fabrication:

Honestly I have to just call John out on this baloney. I don’t think he even knew Dirty and he definitely didn’t hang with dude and get high that’s just total BS. His sister Laura was there on duty the night this happened. Lets have John produce the platinum plaque in question.


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This Sunday it’s for a great cause, it’s a great school and it’s always nice to support arts in NYC public schools. My friend for 25 years Jesse Piaz helps put this together and he is a amazing person and a dean at New Design. This program turns kids on to art and culture in a unique and groovy way. Come and see for yourself!




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Narrated by Tom Waits……This is great!


Dante Ross

After The Smoke: Come and Leave

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This is weird, creative and right up my alley. Check it out

D Ross


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We lost one of the all time great Jazz/Funk men ever this week. I discovered his music via digging for records to sample and realized my older sis use to play a few of his jams when I was a shorty (She was a funk head). I dug his songs way beyond the loops I could scoop up from them he just made great sophisticated jazzy music. Here’s a few favorite Donald Byrd selections of mine.

This song is so powerful in all of it’s gospel meets jazz trappings it is unique,beautiful and an example in musical subtlety. I love how he lays out till the end of the tune and his tone is just gorgeous
Christo Redentor

He had many phases as a musician there was his classic cool Jazz period like the before mentioned Christo Redentor and his later funk jazz recordings with his own band and his pupils the BlackByrds. His music was sampled to death in the early 90’s but beyond the samples he made some amazingly groovy music. Here’s a few of my fav’s.

Think Twice:
Sampled by Tribe and Main Source amongst others. Covered by Erykah Badu as well, but just a tremendous slice of Jazz Funk. An essential Donald Byrd cut. So many parts change ups and breakdowns. A lot of the later funk Jazz Donald Byrd stuff was great because it was about the tunes not only about Byrd’s riffing. He gave his bands room to stretch out and be expressive.

Places and Spaces:
Sampled by Pete Rock and several others this was a favorite of mine from way back. I always put this on my funk tapes I use to make for people in the late 80’s. This one reminds me of my man Jules Gayton and his OG English Posse. Another one where he lets his band get busy while playing some very pretty stuff through out the tune.

Dominos: This was used by Daddyo and Stetsasonic for the All The Jazz remix. I loved this tune when i was a shorty my sister use to rock this one. Just a groovy jam. His tone on this one, and the vocals are just stunning. Another example of Byrds selflessness as a musician.

Do It Fluid:
And of course I need to include a tune by his funky students The Blackbyrds. This jam has always been a favorite of mine. Produced by Donald Byrd and Larry Mizell (Him and his brother Fonce studied under Donald Byrd at Howard University and later produced several of his records for Blue Note). This is a bad ass song:

I could post Donald Byrd tunes here all day I figure these last two one by the BlackByrds and my all time favorite Windjammers Parade used by both Pac and Black Moon will suffice for now.

Rock Creek Park The Blackbyrds:

Wind Parade:Possibly Donald Byrds most known ample but forget all that it’s just an amazing amazing tune. So many great sections and just so dam groovy.

Donald Byrd lived a long life, he was 80 years old and had several careers in one lifetime. He was through out it all a great trumpeter and who created elegant and beaufitful music for more than 50 years.
Rest In Power and thank your for the music, your spirit and legacy will remain forever.


Dante Ross


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How cool is this? It’s been floating around for a while…..Digging it mucho