Uncategorized August 10th, 2011

Cameron Gray at Joshua Liner

Unknown Streets of NY

Another Cameron Gray Joshua Liner

David Ellis Joshua Liner

Kenny Schraf Delancy st

Hugh Gran Fuse Gallery

Tomatsu at Joshua Liner

Dave Kinsey who has grown in leaps and bounds as a painter… he has his own distinct voice these days and I like it alot

The inestimable Ricky Powell my brother in arms…Fuse Gallery

Rammallzze and Aone by BDubs Rest In Power The Death Squad at Fuse Gallery

Aiko also at Fuse Gallery

Unkown wheat paste Willyburger

Espo aka Steve Powers also at Joshua Liner


Unknown chicken on Elizabeth st

Just some stuff I saw along my travels the last few, the new gig has me busy haven’t been on my art hustle too tough lately need to get my gallery crawl back on


Dante Ross

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  1. Randy Sloan Says:

    Very cool artwork!!

  2. Anoop Says:

    Excellent job…really amazing..

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