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Futura 2000 one of my favorite painters ever and one of the first to take it from the streets/trains to gallerys

My brother from another Revolt with a OG piece from the Fun Gallery


Richard Hambleton one of my favorites I am a proud owner of one of his pieces….He is amazing and totally original his work on the NY streets in the mid 80’s were spell binding!

Blade and The Crazy Five….these dudes put in work, Blade was one of the baddest graf writers

This is that guy Banksy…yeah it’s all been said so I’ll leave it alone….Saying he changed the game is a understatement…

Kaws….So mad I never copped one of these when they were affordable

Keith Harring car….So fresh so clean!

Krink…..Nice Mailbox…..

Saber my friend and one of LA’s finest graf writers ever

Tracy 168 the inventor of Wild Style…Classic OG charector

Mr.Cartoon once again….

Eric Brunetti….The man behind Fuct…These are his lost dog flyers he collected while bombing many moons ago

Margaret Killgalen was unreal…. Rest In Power

Os Gemeos once again… these dudes are bad ass….The international appeal of street art is amazing from the subways of NYC to the rest of the globe

The Peoples: Mr. Cartoon and OG Steve Olson

Eric Koston

Esteban Oriole

Charles Ahern, LAdy Pink and Henry Chalafant…if you don’t know who these 3 are go get a late pass already

Debbi Mazar, Jules Gayton and Rosie Perez….3 Og Nyers.

The show was great I went twice so far heading back to NY so I wont be able to see it again…I highly recommend it to anyone who has the chance to go see it beyond a few omissions the show was brilliantly curated with love and respect and it really showed.


Dante Ross

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  1. DISTRAKT Says:

    SO DEF!!!!

  2. DISTRAKT Says:

    can we say GRAFFITI ROCK!!! I love me a Debbi Mazar and Rosie Perez make no mistake about it

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