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The show was overwhelming to say the least. the amount of work included was unfathomable. It was a heart felt retrospective. Of course there will be some complaints about who was omitted( Doze Green? Phil Frost? Mike Giant?) still it was a triumphant show. Glad I witnessed it and saw how far the movement called street art has come from it’s humble roots to it’s omnipresent place it holds within modern culture today. Swoons piece above was amazing she created an entire environment under a tepee of sorts. It along with so many other pieces were/are a true testament of where the movement called street art stands today. Here are a few other high lights.

Eric Haze and his amazing graf inspired graphic design work. he was the first graf writer to understand the connection to graphic and commercial design.

Reas, Espo and Barry Mcgee’s re creation of the Market installation was unreal. It was for me a high point of the show combining humor,art,advertising and social commentary all in one huge installation. Amazing stuff

Chaz Bouriquez one of the west coast pioneers of graf. I did not know he was at it since 1969. Learn something new everyday

My brother in arms Mode 2 he is an amazing artist. one of the first Europeans to truly understand graf and make it his own as oppossed to emulating all things American. He is one of the fathers of European street art.

Os Gemeos always rep and this is no exception. The internationalism of the show was another strong point in telling the story of street art, it’s globalness is one of the most amazing things about street art. Os Gemeos are amazing because though they did start out as more of a street art duo they have gone leaps and bound past this equation. This is an example of they’re endless boundries

These doors for me represent a lost part of the street art equation “Hand Styles”. Current artists like Retna from LA, Faust from NYC and classics like DR. Revolt all understand the import of the hand style. It is the root note of all street art I believe. Peep the Haze and Zephyr tags for confirmation.

Detail from Retna’s piece. Breathtaking and chaotic all at once. This picture does not do the piece justice.

The irrepressible Mr. Cartoon one of the most influential LA street artists. His work in the field of Graf, car customizing and tattoo art is undeniable. A modern master of any artistic realm he touches and a really good cat. Soul Assassin’s represent!

One most always acknowledge the roots of it all. UGA and NOGA were two of the first publicly funded graf workshops in the entire world.Both centered in NYC they were places were many of the initial graf writers met and bridged the gap from writing on trains and walls to creating canvas’ and other mediums to express they’re graf driven visions. I for one was psyched to see these included in the show most people outside of 40 year old New Yorkers don’t know anything about these organizations and what they encompassed.

I dug the fact they had the Bode stuff in the show. Vaughn Bode was and continues to be a major influence on all graf and was a HUGE influence on trains graf in the mid to late 70’s when his charectors ran rampant on the NYC subway trains. Lee Quinones was one of the best at using his images though Howard the Duck is not Vaughn Bode it was a marvel comic. Bode was the man behind Cheech Wizard Deadbone and Junkwaffle.

This is NeckFace who created a spooky,surreal and amazing faux alley way worthy of a Freddy Kruger movie. It was one of my personal favorites of the show. He stood in the alley and chastised all comers in a combination of performance art and installation. It was truly memorable.

Last but not least Rammallzee. His Gothic Futurism room was magical for me. I knew Rammallzee and loved every inch of his work, his unique persona and was a young disciple of Iconaclasspanzerism his personal artistic philosophy. My camera died right after this picture but when I tell you his flourescent room was breath taking beyond compare I ask that you go see it for yourself it was fitting for a artist who in my eyes was a true master of style. Rest in Power Ram they did you proud!

All in all a terrific show. I could go on about omissions and such and they’re were a few notable ones ( Doze Green, Stash 2 and Phil Frost come to mind) but over all this was a tremendous show full of love,care and respect for the culture of Street art and one that people will talk about for years to come. I am going back to take more pics tonight and tomorrow as well as posting a bunch more in the next few days here and on my other blog. If you can make the show yourself I strongly suggest you do and spend a few hours taking it all in it is soulful and beautiful through and through.


Dante Ross

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