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Behind the Scenes at the COMBAT JACK SHOW from DANTE ROSS NYC on Vimeo.

The past few weeks I’ve been checking out this radio show by Combat Jack (if you don’t know, google and peep the resume. OG Status), inventively titled “The Combat Jack Show” onĀ PNC Radio Thursday nights 12-2 AM. It’s tough to put this show in one box because they keep it 100 on so many different topics. Kicking it on shit like Dipset vs. Kanye, the walking cess pool that is Kat Stacks, weed carriers, politics, race, everything in the past couple months.

The studio is in Brooklyn over on Jay street right by the waterfront. There was the Harvest Moon over the bridge, the next one isn’t until 2029.

The show also has the hilarious Dallas Penn, the INTERNETS CELEBRITY himself ranting about whatever is on his (sometimes admittedly inebriated) mind.

The gorgeous NYDelight holds it down with the female perspective and keeps the guys in check. I could keep talking but you should just listen to the show and check it out. You can listen to past shows at PNC Radio Tumblr. The show streams live every Thursday night 12-2A at PNC Radio FM.

Posted by Matty The Intern….Keep doing it Matty , I am currently in LA for an extended stay….More on that as it develops…Mad I didn’t get to hang with Dallas and Combat Jack them dudes are cool as can be…LA’s treating a NYer good as usual except it’s been dumb hot. Can’t hate on Cali lots of old friends, a plethora of dope projects in the works and of course the pretty lady’s!


Dante Ross

Dante Ross

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