Uncategorized September 8th, 2010

Joe and Max Glazer live from Fat Beats closing…..The mayors of the house……Fat Beats closing was sad, epic and made me realize why I love hiphop

Jus Blaze who I saw every where this weekend. I’m think he’s been officially adopted by Atrak and The Fools Gold crew.

Super Nat doing his do…thanks for throwing my name in your freestyle shit made me smile….

Atrak’s finest moment right here…like for real son

These guys are starting to look like a new version of Kid n Play to me

The hot and sweaty fans at Fat Beats closing…this day will be etched in my mind forever…..

Yeah you know who that dude is….if anyone symbolizes the musical movement associated with Fat Beats it’s this guy…and if you don’t know who this is kill yourself now

This dude will be Famous soon come…he’s a beast you need to know who he is and his name is….Yelawolf!

Yeah that neck is firmly RED….This kid is that dude…remember I told you that…..Kid destroys shit every time no lie never seen him be wak…not even a little …cosign 100 pct

This happy cat right here is the most platinum making hits having hypeman of all time….Digging that glove son very Michael Jackson of ya!

Hawaii and my partner in shows Mel D Cole

Fools Gold crew in effect….These cats are one of the only actually fresh things in NY these days… I co sign 100 pct …yeah I know I already cosigned once this post but whatevers

The homie Pil….rocking that hat I sent him…gratitous product shot for sure…bite me!

Saw alot of great music this weekend…..Fatbeats closing where Atrak,Scratch,Spinna and Primo made me rememeber why I love HipHop so much and then Atrak and the Fools Gold family throwing Pil, Donnis and  Yelawolf on the stage amidst thier dance friendly djays, Nick Catchdubs, Atrak and DJ Craze…..

A great weekend for music in NYC and a nice way to end the summer……Videos to come!


Dante Ross

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