CEE-LO GREEN: FUCK YOU (best song ever!)

Uncategorized August 21st, 2010

This song is amazing. I once worked with Cee-Lo he is a amazingly talented,unique and a super nice dude, this song is dedicated to Alexi and you know exactly why sugar……Listen to the lyrics……This is one tune all men can identify with ya know?


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  1. ALLANA Says:

    ummmmmmm yeah cool concept, but my experience around Cee-Lo have been different… Yes he is amazingly talented but he was not nice to me at all… oh how i would still wanna “work” with him… in the studio tht is… but he had other ideas… NO SIR… so i say em, its a shame such a talented individual would have such a misplaced ego! lol… but i still gotta love him… he is awesome, and because i dont know either side of this song, lyrically its harder 4 me 2 appreciate… but hey dudes, if u dig it, then dig it… uknowuteyemzayin?

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