Uncategorized May 14th, 2010

My close friend Giovanni Reda the loudmouth behind my HipHop History 101 and the funniest cat I know is having his book release tonight. Funny thing I probably met Reda due to Harold Hunters passing as much as anything. Most people think we were friends forever but during this period of time we ended up being together with some mutual friends and we bonded due to the fact he’s the funniest muther fer in the world. That and the fact he got Josh the Fish from 10Deep to eat cookies dunked in beer. Don’t ask cause Josh wont tell. It made quite the impression on me to be honest. I mean like really cookies and beer? Only Reda could inspire those kinds of shenanigans.

Fast Forward 5 years later and this friendship blossomed into a deep bond as well as our quirky liitle online show and a bunch of appearances on Wednesday with Reda. The love him and the Berrics have shown me helped reconnect me on a deeper levels with the culture of skating once again bringing me closer to my roots which is right where I need to be ( Little known fact I was a skateboarding punkrocker in my early teen years).I have totally enjoyed all of this stuff it has increased my belief in the brotherhood of skating 10fold. It inspired me to look at things specifically the youth a little differently and for that I give thanks and praise.

I was with Reda when I got the news that my bro Andy Kessler had passed. Reda really held me down that night and me him. I couldn’t think of a better bro to be with during this tragic moment. Sometimes you see somebody around for years an never interact with them and then by some circumstance beyond your control your thrust into dealing with each other. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. This was me and Reda’s case. The funny thing is we had seen each other around for years but had never conversed really. The experience of getting tight with Reda changed my life on a few levels as he is a incredibly kind hearted person full of compassion and posititivty something my departed brethren Andy Kessler and myself really valued in him.

For this and many other things I say congrats Giovanni Luigi Reda our friendship is one of legend and now cause of you I got lttle skater kids coming up to me when I’m trying to eat brunch with my 73 year old dad asking me where you are and when I’m gonna do some new HipHopHistorys. I say thanks, congrats and blessings my brother. Glad I will be here tonight and that I am a small part of your book.

Now let the festivities begin!

Come through if your in LA and say hello!

D Ross

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