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Been hanging with Reda a bunch the last few months, you could say we are kindred spirits of sorts. I recently went to a craze dinner at his parents house recently.Myself and DQM and some lady friends spent a amazing evening at the Reda’s deep in the heat of BK.  Suffice to say Reda definitely gets it from his pops Luigi. Reda is beyond a funny person, he’s also a really good friend. I love doing our little show on the Berrics and hanging with the is always entertaining and thought provoking. Underneath the hat and the jokes the guys got huge heart. Reda you rock here’s a little tribute to you and our wonderful meal!

Reda contemplates a new pair of rubber skivvies……they weren’t his color

Reda ,Dave Perez and his misses…….Strike a pose…The thought of  hack like me taking these guys photos is pretty ironic

Reda and Adam Schatz aka Adam Shutz… in Shut Skates…..

Luigi Reda right here in the flesh…You think Giovanni Reda’s a bull buster this guy wrote the book….Coolest dude ever right here

The man the myth….Reda… rock… take that doofy look off your face bro

My dinner companions…..Might not have come if Dave didn’t urge me to roll to bk with the troops…..Lots of red wine went down that night  like woa

The family Reda

Pass the peppers ya stugatz

BK Finest….maybe on a really good day….or a really bad one……Dave’s Quality Eats…….Ok I need some good snaps where’s Dave when I need some snaps that aren’t directed at me?

The Reda crew in effect…..Reda’s mom is gangster and boy can she cook!

Hey how did that guy sneak in there? He doesnt loook Italian to me ya know? Is Ortiz a Italian name?

THE BEST FOR LAST: Holy Highschool…..What were you using on your dome piece Olive Oil or Lard? Craze bro just craze!

Dinner was great, Reda’s family was the best and the company other than Giovanni himself was tremendous….nah just playing Reda your the champ my man, looking forward to making some more silly stuff with you my friend!


Dante Ross



  1. Perry Says:

    Reda is that dude…this was hilarious…

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