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I am honored to be able to help out my pal Dennis McNett if only a little bit by hipping a few people to his upcoming show and his work in general. Dennis is pretty psyched on this show and from what I have seen it is nothing short of amazing. I am posting a few preview pictures as well as a retrospective of his work of sorts. I will also be flying out west to hang and show him some support this weekend. Dennis is a really talented person, a serious craftsman, a great artist and a really sincere cat whose work relates to several of my lives loves like heavy metal,skateboarding,heshing and most of all my love of animals.


This piece is tremendous it is so dam intricate and layered.  I want this for my collection.


This piece as well incorporates a layering process creating a intricate collage within the piece itself. This is to my knowledge a totally unique piece as I have never seen anybody use this technique in this manner.

This piece is a wood cut that is also a die cut piece which means it has a specific shape to it in this case it outlines the original piece as opposed to being in a more traditional square setting. It gives the piece more a a feeling of dimension to it. This image is associated with the Americana in a sense and is an example of Dennis’ craftsmanship at it’s finest.

This is a wood cut print on a muslin canvas. It is a one of a kind piece and it is really stunning to me it’s approx 72″ by 36″

These 2 are also muslin canvas wood cut pieces. Dennis creates a huge wood block then prints these off of that said wood block. This is a lengthy process and a long tradition of artist work in this form. People like Swoon, Armsrock and a few others use Linoleum to create what is called Lino cuts the same effect. This is a cheaper and more manipulable medium and one Dennis uses as well in a lot of his work.

Ok I’m gonna hold off on any more images I don’t want to give the whole show away as Dennis is going to create an entire environment not just hang work in the gallery which is why coming to the show itself is a must. I admire Dennis’ work and his imagination, he is in my mind a criminally slept on creative force. Most people know him from his Skateboard graphics for the likes of Anti Hero one of the most authentically gnarly skate brands around. He has also done design for a host of others including Adidas and is a serious sculpture, his main mediums are lino and wood cutting and his is an uncanny at this craft. I have been chronicling Dennis’ work for a while now and I thought on the eve of his forthcoming show it would be a good idea to show a multiple part retrospective of some of Dennis work. Rarely do I feel as passionate about a friends art. Dennis is one of those rare exceptions as I feel at times as if he is Generation X’s Pushead or Big Daddy Roth if that makes any sense. Regardless of my own point of view check out some of Dennis McNetts work and if your in LA this weekend I urge you to come by and check out the show it’s going to be a humdinger!

Some of the Skate Stuff you may be familiar with:

Here is some of Dennis’ Sculpture and installation work. He is incredible at creating environments where the room itself becomes a piece of art. His show @ Think space this weekend will be an example of this

An example of his installations:

Here’s some more of Dennis’ fine art. His work in multiple mediums all relates to each other in a synergistic way. From his sculpture to his wood and Lino cut work to his prints and skate graphics they are all deeply connected. I like this angle in the work it accentuates the craftsman angle in a sense.

This piece is 4 feet by 4 feet and is not for the squeamish. It is beyond trippy to me

This is a wood block that Dennis used to print from. This is 4 by 8 feet and photos cannot do this piece justice. There is a Ming dynasty feel to some of Dennis’ work at times as his respect for craftsmanship is akin to some traditional Asian craftsmanship.

Here is one of a kind print made from that wood block: Note who it prints reverse. This extends beyond just the printing on the muslin canvas, Dennis and all that use wood and lino cutting techniques sketch in negative space which is the opposite of the way you usually draw. Dennis uses a mirror as do most because every aspect of the work is reversed. Wrap your head around that for a minute… I can barley draw at all let alone think in total opposites artistically.

This piece is unreal….I shot this before I copped the G10 and these pics just don’t do this piece justice this is Dennis to the left of the piece…. This piece is so creepy yet fresh it’s unbelievable

And one last painting which is a bit easier to take in…….This is also woodblock on muslin and is 5 ft by 3 ft

With all of that to take in I leave you with the invite one more time and I urge you to come check out the show t will only be up for 2 days so if your not to baked from Rock the Bells come check the show out and if you miss it on Saturday swing by on Sunday!

While your at it check Dennis site @



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  2. spaceknuckle Says:

    wow — no words

  3. edith garcia Says:

    im From Mexico, I Love thiz work of DENNIS MCNETT I LOVE SKULL, i remeber to mi favorite music band here in Mexico, San Pascualio Rey. I like the forms that go formed whit collage. The wolf itz amazing and surrealist, from mi view

    Thankz For Share


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  5. len Says:

    man :)
    ilove your work
    i’m an art teacher on a small island in the pacific and latly im doing lino cuts with the kids but it remembered me of what an awsome medium it is.
    any ways thanks for the inspiration love your work

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