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Found this online today thought it would be cool to post around here. Anyone who knows me knows my feelings about these cats we hung so hard for so long I felt like I was dam near in the group. Glad to call these dudes friends to this day, thanks guys I think I’ll be telling my grand kids stories about all the madness we went through and got in to together. Suffice to say Brand Nubian’s and Everlast rank up there as some of the most fun I ever had making music with people and are 2 of the projects I’m proud to have been associated with.  Thanks for the memories and hopefully the links still work!

Brand Nubian/Grand Puba-The Remixes

I was first exposed to the great New Rochelle, New York collective back in 1990, through their dope single One For All and later the great album One For All, I enjoyed the vocal styles of Grand Puba, Lord Jamar and Sadat X a lot (can’t forget DJ Alamo), they each had dope and distinctive voices and I followed them their music through out their lengthy career, to be honest I had heard some of the Masters Of Ceremony in the 80’s but I didn’t know that Grand Puba was in the group till the 90’s and I recommend the Dynamite album.

First forming in 1989, after the Masters Of Ceremony went their separate ways, Brand Nubians were signed to Eletkra records by Dante Ross (SD50’s) and they released thier first single Brand Nubian b/w Feels So Good, the singles from the One For All album, One For All, Wake Up and the Edie Brickell sampling Slow Down all fared well on the Billboard charts and are still fondly remembered to this day.

Brand Nubian delivered heavy message filled (often with 5 Percent Nations references and notions) Hip Hop that spoke on injustices in the World over fat production you could easily dance to or just nod your head like crazy, I guess that being a white man, a lot of what Brand Nubian were talking about had nothing to do with me, but they made great music all through out the 90’s and it was very hard to ignore them.

In 1992 there was friction within the Brand Nubian camp and Grand Puba left the group and took DJ Alamo with him, during 1992 both Brand Nubian and Grand Puba worked on albums, Puba on his first solo album Reel To Reel had a hit with 360 Degrees (What Goes Around), Puba was the first to release an album, and Reel To Reel was a nice little album, nothing classic, but a lot of head nodding beats and amusing rhymes from the Grand Pu.

Brand Nubian enlisted DJ Sincere and in 1993 released the often hardcore, dark and dope In God We Trust album, Lord Jamar and Sadat X proved that they didn’t need Grand Puba, the first single Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down was aimed at The Future Sound (I’m not sure why) and some have said Grand Puba as well, there was controversy over one of Sadat’s lines being homophobic and this led to editing in the track on later versions released, on the 12″ inch Diamond D featured and did an ill remix of the track, one of the best remixes in Hip Hop in my opinion.

In 1994 Brand Nubian released the Everything Is Everything album, which was an interesting mix of dark, smooth and moody tracks,Buckwild produced a dope remix for the Word Is Bond single and Saalam Remi did a dope remix for Hold On the album didn’t fare to well sales wise and led to the group splitting up in 1995, that same year Grand Puba released his second solo album 2000, which was in my view a lot better than Reel To Reel and had some really dope production and clever rhymes from the Grand Pu (Sadat X appeared on the track Play It Cool squashing the beef they had), Pu had another hit with I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are) which included a dope SD50’s remix

In 1996 Sadat X released his first solo album, Wild Cowboys,it was met with mixed reviews, some people loved it, others not so much, me?, I thought it was a solid and dope album, with a lot of great beats and rhymes (Sean Black was ill) and I defintely would recommend it, in 1997 the whole group reformed and had a track on the Soul In The Hole movie soundtrack and then later a new album in 1998, Foundation which featured production from DJ Premier, Lord Finesse,Buckwild and Diamond D, it was a good album, but not as great as it could have been.

-Grand Puba released his quickly forgotten third solo album in 2001, Understand This, Pete Rock remixed the track Issues in 2002
-Grand Puba released the Real Talk 12″ produced by Lord Finesse in 2006
-Sadat-X continues to release albums and recently spent a stint in prison, his last album was Generation X (2008)
-Lord Jamar has released one solo album The 5% Album in 2006.
-The last album the group released was 2004’s, Fire In The Hole, which suffered from to many commercial tracks and was in a word, boring.
-An album of unreleased material surfaced in 2007, Times Runnin Out, tracks on this album were recorded between 1997 and 1998

Here is a compilation I have put together to celebrate Brand Nubian and Grand Puba’s Remixes, I hope you enjoy it..

1. brand nubian - concerto in x minor (remix)
2. brand nubian - all for one (radio mix)
3. brand nubian - allah u akbar (remix)
4. brand nubian - love me or leave me alone (remix)
5. brand nubian - steal ya ho (remix)
6. brand nubian - all for one (tramp remix)
7. brand nubian - slow down (pete rock remix)
8. band nubian - hold on (remix)
9. brand nubian - wake up (sd50’s remix)
10. brand nubian - word is bond (remix)
11. grand puba - a little of this (stud doogie remix)
12. grand puba - i like it (buckwild remix feat. sadat x)
13. grand puba - check it out (remix)
14. grand puba - thats how we move it (remix)
15. grand puba - ya know how it goes (t-ray remix)
16. grand puba - check it out (stimulated dummies remix)

Bonus: brand nubian ft diamond d-punks jump up to get beatdown (remix) (sorry I forget to put these on the comp, they were on the original list I had)

This here is the greatest remix I ever did in my history of doing remixes ( I have done over 60 that have been commercially released in my career)

And one more link in case things ain’t working: Gotta say this post really made me smile today. As long as I live I will be publicly associated with the Brand Nubian clique. I still speak to the brothers on the regular and cherish what we did together. I often think cause I’m a Jewish downtown creative type and a child of politically active parents that the theme of self empowerment was so appealing to me and made for my involvement with the crew that much more interesting to people on the outside looking in. For me it was just vibes and good music with a message. Wish we had someone delivering that message today, the culture needs it I believe. Anyways it’s nice to look back on my career and enjoy it while I’m still in the mix and can enjoy seeing the import of mine and the Nubian cliques mutual legacies. I’m honored in fact. Enjoy the music and click that link below to download it!

Dante Ross NYC

Brand Nubian Remixes:

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