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Anyone who knows me closely knows about Jumonji and me…We been through a lot of trials and tribulations through the years……Guys my friend for over 25 years he’s my spiritual lil bro…. Here’s Jumonji ripping it up at Owls Head the other day as he always says about himself he is a 100% skateboarder for life……..Kid still got style for miles……..All of our fingers are crossed collectively this time and so far so good! Jumonji is NY skateboarding take heed!

Harry and Bryan the guy who sent me these pics…Thanks B

Here’s Bryan ripping a beautiful crail to tail:

Jumonji back on board literally…Thanks for the shots Bryan!


Dante Ross



  1. julie Says:

    hi, funny i saw harry last night on the side of the stage at the bad brains show at the fillmore aka the old irving plaza. coincidental because that was the last place i saw him like 20 years ago (?) at the milky way hip hop party when they had the mini ramp there. i was the blonde bartender girl. i’ll never forget seeing harry roll slowly up to the stage on his board and then just ollie up onto it…its about 4 feet high, maybe more! well i’m glad to see he’s ok. rock on harry, peace

  2. seb Says:

    hey Dante,
    Seb from Skateboarder mag here. I’d need to ask you a few things re: early skating in NYC, can you email me? thanks man.

  3. seb Says:

    Forget the first email address, this is the good one.


    [...] I was recently down at the aNYthing shop, it was a nice day so I decided to dust off my board which was down at the shop for a few months now and skate home. Once I grabbed my board, i saw that it was blessed with a few words of truth from the one and only Harry Jumonji (if you dont know him, get out more, or go HERE or HERE.) [...]

  5. Dante Ross Says:

    Harrys struggling peoples tread lightly on the topic please things are heavy with my man these days nuff said.

  6. harry's pal Says:

    sorry to say but harry ain’t well. just ran into him at joe’s piza where he was selling some music cassettes and…shit yo, that’s all for now. look him up and take him off the streets!!

  7. leezack Says:

    Hello - my son was skating in Yonkers; some random guy stopped in a car and gave the kids a skateboard - said it belonged to a pro skater. There’s a lot of writing on the board and we deciphered Harry Jumonji’s name on it. I googled his name and found this blog. I’m sorry to read of Mr. Jumonji’s struggles - but I want to pass along to him that for a 15 year old boy - someone just “Payed It Forward” in his name. The sport of skateboarding is alive and well with the youth of today because of the ground broken by guys like Mr. Jumonji. We never would have known his name if this random act of kindness didn’t fall upon my son. All the Best to you Mr. Jumonji.

  8. Patrick Scott Says:

    Yo. Harry would appreciate knowing about this message. Scotty in ny. Tell him to get in touch.

  9. PeterNYC Says:

    Harry is a great guy but he’s also a sick guy. I don’t know all about where he comes from and that but I do know that people that can’t stop their descent and get off the death-ride must be in alot of pain.

  10. R09NYCS.L-Photographer Says:

    Picture this……I’m walking the streets of the Lower East Side and I have my blackbook in my hand. On the book there is a sticker I got of D.J AM…But the logo for him is stolen from a old school skateboard design. So..Harry whitles at me and we instantly start talking about the sticker and the story behind the logo……..I ask him for his email and instead of writing it….He does a fresh 2 def throwey on the brown hard cover part of my notepad………………So….4 any person who isn’t from N.Y.C it isn’t un-common for u 2 meet someone who is cool but when I met Harry, I knew this dude was the truth…So..after we parted ways, I asked my homegirl that I was with 2 google his name and let’s see what comes up….Harry Jumonji is the truth n I didn’t blink when I read what he’s about in the skater world…So ……….There u have it….The story of how I met a legend on the board and a bigger Myth 2 the people who never met him but hear stories of that 100% skateboarder that has been in the scene since 1978…….7starsofluckbewithuandthepeopleuL.O.V.E…….
    R:09NYC S.L

  11. Keven Hay Says:

    i miss harry mann he calls me his little bro,i was chillen with him for a few weeks and he’s sick so quit talking shit on him because he’s 110% the shit mann gold hearted dude,but really harry i love you you taught me alot about life/graff/skating i wish you the best and ill see you soon,love you big bro!!!

  12. Marina Says:

    Jumonji has a Great heart… Very few you can find in this days… I spend about 4-5 hours last time I saw him on july 19 th… His friend past away… and couple of other things was making him very sad… and depressed…
    Anyone who calls him “SICK” PLEASE DON’T.. He’s just having an addiction…
    It has been couple of weeks I haven’t seen him…
    If anybody knows anything about Jumonji where he is Please e-mail me.. I DO worry about him..

  13. Michele from NYC Says:

    Dante, thanks for posting this picture of Harry. He is one intimidating dude on that skateboard.

    Reading what Marina wrote concerns me greatly. He was with Andy out in Montauk when Andy died. That’s the death of 2 very close friends in less than a month.

    If anyone here’s how he’s doing or how I can get in touch please drop a comment on my blog at: http://nycpostcards.blogspot.com


  14. Michele from NYC Says:

    I simply want to be able to continue to help him as Andy did.

  15. Dj Maack Says:

    I meet Harry when about a year or so ago. He was a mess. I didnt think to much of him but he did ask me if I could spare some change which I did. So he say to me let me pay you back with some art work. He made some crazy ill stuff and I kept it. Today I am watching HBO and I see this dude talking about Wilfrado Gomez, when it hits me where I know him from. I gotta say I hope he is doing well and now I am happy to know his name .

  16. Bailey Says:

    I live in Front royal Virginia and we got a new skatepark and I went there yesterday and Harry jumonji signed my skateboard Harry you rock ??

  17. ian Says:

    harry is rad. i met him at the new concrete park in front royal VA yesterday. super nice guy, real real cool to the kids. it was a pleasure talking to him and i wish him all the best in the world. keep shredding jumonji. and, by the way, those lackbacks on the vert wall were PROPER.

  18. Luke Says:

    We’re putting in a skate park in Berkeley spring west virginia and the owners of berkeley spring tattoo and skate new harry and had him come in and talk to some of the local youth, and sign autographs. WE lost our Nate wessel deaL for the skate park. now we have no sponsors, barley any money (thanks to the wining and dining we did to Wessel and his crew), but we do have a donated half pipe which is a start. Hopes are that Harry will return to our town to help when construction starts. I’m sure berkeley springs hasent seen the last of a skateboard legend.

  19. JR Says:

    I’m actually the photographer who took all these photos… you can see the rest of them at:

  20. Rob Resh Says:

    harry what the fuck where are you. its been too long and its time to skate. you and your fucking laybacks sick though they might be, its time to man up and call me

  21. PeterNYC Says:

    Just saw Harry 2 minutes ago. His regular spot when he’s “out there” happens to be across the street from where I work. I ran out and grabbed him, he was looking about as bad as I ever saw him. I just gave him some love and told him to stay alive.
    I was in the new Mollusk/Pilgrim shop in Brooklyn last night. They got Andy’s picture prominently displayed behind the counter. Sucks he’s not here.

  22. Angry Frank Says:

    Seen Harry J today in LES. He was no worse for wear; though seeing him in slippers and not in a pair of shiny new kicks, and without a board under his feet for that matter, made me wonder.

  23. Camacho Says:

    To whom it may concern, it is Nov. 4th, 2012 and NYC has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. As a 41 yr. old public servant, I found myself doing my fare share to help out. For the past week off and on I’ve been working at an Hurricane Shelter in downtown NYC. It was on the night after Sandy hit that I found myself by the main desk of this H.S. where evacuees were being sheltered that I see this guy which looked familiar to me, but could not put the face to the place. The guy was drawing this piece for the volunteers there when it hit me… Jumanji. As a young boy in high school growing up in Far Rockaway , Queens and into graffiti and skateboarding (now into snowboarding) other artist and myself looked up to Harry as a legend even back then… 80’s. To make a long story short, I got to talk with him for the couple of days I was there, mainly about the love we have for daughters and in the middle of the night when Harry should’ve been getting his sleep, he came downstairs and blessed me with one of his badass pieces he dedicated to my wife and daughter. I love you for that bro., RESPECT! Like everyone says, “He is 100% official tissue”, that’s real talk. If anyone is concerned or interested the site Harry was staying at was H.S. Graphic Arts Communication on 49th Street. I told him that I would keep in touch with him through Facebook to see how he’s doing and share news of our daughters. Like I told Harry, “He is a legend and the world needs to see and know that.” Please post any updates on him. The love of a brother - RESPECT.

  24. DeadTracks Says:

    I never met the guy, saw him once in the LES, but seems like a really good dude. I remember I was like 13 years old in 1996 when Zoo York was really blowing up, My pops was the Superintendent in the West Village/ Meat Packing District, and Harold Hunter(RIP) invited me up to hook me up with a deck, twice. I had seen Andy Kessler(RIP) at the 108th st skatepark before, another legend. Really looked up to Harold and the other Zoo guys. I eventually got into Graff too. Harold died, Sace died.

    Harry looked like he was ripping it in those photos, lol. The city’s youth could use a guy like him

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