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I’ve been a student of New York street folk lore as long as I could read way before Feds and Don Diva hit the stands. Whether it was Mafia talk or hood history it’s always intrigued me and my friends. Frank Matthews was nick named Black Caesar as he was the Black Godfather of sorts. Here’s the Craziest thing, he got away. Yep with a reported 15 million bucks never to be seen again. Sadat X put me up on Frank Matthews aways back when we were on some Brand Nubian tour driving to DC and Marc Levin the documentary film maker recently told me a bunch about him as well. He’s the ghetto D.B Cooper to me recognize. Here’s some history about Mr. Matthews: Read it his whole program was bonkers,0218-7.htm

Lets just say unlike reputed and admitted rats American Snitch Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes, Matthews never dimed a single person. Can’t wait for the doc looks like another hood classic right up there with Cocaine Cowboys.


  1. Mary R Says:

    Yea I am always into the same stuff. Very intriguing to me and always been into True Crime.

  2. LeVar Smith Says:

    When is the documentary comin out

  3. I got the real story of Frank Matthews Says:

    I wonder what could Marc Levin Know about Pee Wee? I am From Brooklyn and I am have family in NC and I know about Frank not because of I knew him ,no , I know those who did, those who went to jail for him, those who paid him, those who hung out with him, Those who travelled with him , The Photos of him yeah , I got a hold of some, I know all the old timers who really know not the make believe , So what could Marc Levin tell you ?

  4. wavinton Says:

    till this day after being brought in for questioning u take (allegedly) 15 million dollars and flee the scene u would of thought someone killed him b/c they figure he would talk but if know one can find nicky after they let him loose than i guess its possible.

  5. Kenya Matthews Says:

    I’m the daughter of Frank Matthews…. Does anyone know if I have any more siblings beside my fathers three son. please get back to me. Thanks

  6. Dirty Cliff Says:

    Kenya where are you and old of you …i may have info for you

  7. Dirty Cliff Says:

    kenya where are you and how old are you i may have info

  8. Ak Says:

    Kenya how about getting in touch with me , you can reach me at I am from Bed-Stuy , My pops used to hang with PeeWee and used to go to his house in S.I. I know some people that really knew him , and may have some answers and direction if you are really his daughter ,

  9. Gaspar V Says:

    I met Frank Matthews in the early 1970’s, very much a gentleman, i was involved in that lifestyle at the time, the movie American Gangster was actually more frank matthews story than it was Frank Lucas’I was not as prominent as Frank Matthews or Nicky Barnes but I was not that far behind Frank Lucas, I am just finishing a book that tells the truth, I had a block in Harlem and a crew of 25 my prominance came from the fact that I am white, and yes I am Italian and no i am not and never was connected to the mob, they would’nt do bisiness with me because I only associated with black people, I got busted on June 28, 1984 at my condo on Sutton Place, jumped bail and got ratted on in my home town by the son of an Italian “connected guy” the other differance was I did my time without ratting on anyone another Giant and Gentleman was Guy Fisher, God Bless him he is still inside because even though Nicky turned on him he still stood strong, if any of the old crowd reads this drop me a line. Gaspar

  10. saleem bey Says:

    hi is a legend in his tyme and now he a family member of mine never seen him before in person but always was told that he is the man behind de black movies that fred williamson did kallied black ceasar nicki barnes frank lucas they legends but frank matthews is the DON OF ALL DONS I AM FRANK MATTHEWS BLOOD LINE AND I LOVE MI FAMILY FOR LIFE HIM AND FREDDIE MYERS BUMPY JOHNSON ARE THE LORDS OF THE STREET BUT MAKE WAY FOR DE NEW BLOOD LINE MUUR TIME UNTILL SUCH TYME ISLAM

  11. frank matthews jr. Says:

    aye yo; this is frank matthews jr. the first born son of frank matthews,all this talk about pops, is killing me, its over it’s a rap. there will never be another,so move on.

  12. frank matthews jr. Says:

    mind your business,stay out of family business, if frank is’nt your family, mind your family business. frank matthews, second son. shawn d. matthews, and im wit frank jr. and andre. respect that. anyone got anything else to say call frank matthews jr. at (513) 577-0705 anytime.

  13. quintez agnew Says:

    is the dvd out ?

  14. Gino Says:

    He still a legend in Durham

  15. CLR Says:

    wassupp man

  16. CLR Says:

    When is the dvd commin out…

  17. CLR Says:

    if only shyyt was the way it was back in the day…damn technology…damn it to hell. Niggass gotta be half ninja to try to move shyyt like that now lol

  18. Adonna Rowland Says:

    This is to Frank’s children.I am Adonna Rowland granddaughter of Marzella Steele im in college and was doing a research paper about our family.Im 18 an just now is learning knowledge of Frank it would be realy nice to get in contact with you all because I know my grandmother would love to know how you all are doing.Please contact me

  19. collins Says:

    This is 4 gasper u new my pops bac n the day lenny , if this tht gasper get n touch

  20. RIP Mickey Says:

    My late uncle William “Mickey” Beckwith was Frank Matthews right hand man and was the sole owner of the legendary million dollar Tanqueray yacht where he and Frank Matthews hosted parties. Frank Matthews (with his wife)skipped a court date and got away with actually $22 million dollars, but my uncle and others did their time. Frank Matthews and his wife were never heard from, not even blood or street family ever heard from them. The whole crew were ahead of their time. RIP Mickey, God Bless.

  21. Gavin Matthews Sr Says:

    I’m Gavin Matthews grandson of frank matthews I’m tryin to get in contact with peewee and peoples of mickey if any one knows or rhere on here contact me at 5138287925

  22. hfw Says:

    Frank Matthews, Jr.

    Nobody is in your family’s business…this is public knowledge and history. Be proud that you had such a good pop that I lot of people would have liked to know. I am from Brownsville Brooklyn and hung out in the clubs on Nostrand, Utica and Flatbush Avenues and other spots with him and his henchman Nat/Nate. I knew his wife Barbara and old friend (LA) now deceased. The last time I saw him was in Atlanta with Pretty Charles. We had some really good times. He used to date one of my cousins and a good girl friend of mine. He and I were only casual friends but he was a good and respectful gentelman. Beproud to share and not be selfish. You were blessed with the best. FRANK MATTHEWS! I will always remember him.

  23. Cheyenne Clagon Says:

    Kenya,I’m Cheyenne,i know 4 a fact we share a brother in common,my mothers name was Lorraine Clagon, she is the mother of Frank<my mother was killed by my father in ‘76,at this time Frank was separated frm his mothers children to live w/his & your fathers siblings,i am the baby in my family & have never met my brother,i was hoping u could &help me,he also has another sister & 2 brthers frm our mother,Wanda,Darren,& Damien,we all grew up 2gether,but due 2 the nature of the untimely death of our mother,we were separated at the time of her death.If u could foward my info 2 him it would be a godsend 4 me,i never got the chance 2 know my mother or father & would be greatful 2 anyone able 2 allow me the opportunity 2 meet my mothers son.Thankyou in advance & i totally understand if u don’t help me,if its gods will,then someday i will.Im also on Facebook(reese clagon)my#is 347 249-7604

  24. the real frank matthews sr. Says:

    i am the real frank matthews. i have been hiding out all these years at 1060 West Addison Street in Chicago with my two bodyguards, Jake and Elwood. though some call me a sinner for my past actions, be easy on me. i just found out i am dyslexic and i’m convinced i’m on a mission from dog. how much for the little children? i want to purchase your women cuz i still have ten million left from my original fifteen because all i’ve been buying since 1973 are full tanks of gas, half packs of cigarettes, and sunglasses…even though it’s dark out.

  25. to Mickeys Nephew Says:

    I would like to speak with you, email me ,
    I know that the Yacht that you Uncle had was bought off a Radio Personalty who is no longer Living( I wont name him until you get in touch , and I know what and how the yacht was paid for as well!)

  26. nate Says:

    Frank is dead period

  27. Sheryl Says:

    This guy had the eastern seaboard heroin trade on smash. He was the real deal that is why he was never mentioned ,crakers only seem to glorify the gangsters that turned snitch, and thats for a reason. You will probably never see a movie about OG Ty out of NY (the dude who turned the whole NY Blood) or Wayne Perry or Guy Fisher or a Frank Matthews

    I have not a clue what happened to Frank Matthews but he was a huge threat to alot of people, but he was extremely smart… so you never know if he dead or really just escaped.

    One Eye Ty was my man RIP. I used to know him, Jblack and all them. He brought that west coast stuff out here way back. Crazy no one ever mentions him.


  28. Mike Murdock Says:

    Yo… I went to High School(Tilden)Shawn(Shiz)… 49th & Ave D posse…..

  29. Mike Murdock Says:

    Meant to say with Shawn….

  30. Sheryl Jenkins Says:

    This story is very cool, I just finished watching it here

  31. Jimmy Redd Says:

    Sheryl thanks for posting that link. I’ve been wanting to and waiting for that documentary. I got two uncles who was pretty cool with that dude up in nyc. Both of my uncles are 68 now but they’d probably get a kick out that documentary. From what they say everybody liked Frank because of the way he treated other people and the respect he gave and recieved. They also say that there was sort of a running joke going around of people placing bets on when he would get caught. But I guess the joke was on them because the man hasn’t gotten caught yet.

  32. T. Conner Says:

    Hi Frank (Man):

    It’s Ta-ning. I don’t know if you still frequent this site, but I came across it looking for you, Andre and Shawn. I’ve been trying to find you guys for a long time. Since Barbara passed away, Aunt Lorraine lost all of your #s and we have been frantically trying to reach you all. Aunt Lorraine is in Ohio until Thursday, so i hope I make contact with you by then. i’m going to try the # you left here on this site; hopefully it’s still working. Uncle donald is good, living in NC. Mark is married, still here in Cali. Aunt Lorraine and I both live in L.A. also. I’m happy we got to see Barbara before she passed. We still have alot of pics of us all together when we were little. i hope you are doing well Man.

    my email is

  33. Kenya Matthews Says:

    @ dirty cliff - I can be reached @

  34. e.dogg Says:

    Who give a dam about a old ass washed up dope boy.plenty niggas got money back then he wasnt no dam diff.dam him.nigga i got it now so fuck the pass and them lames

  35. James M. DeVone, Sr. Says:

    Hello: I was a Classmate of “PeeWee” in Junior High School and, he did not have NEGATIVE TRAITS, as did many of our other Classmates. He, undoubtedly, was a “VICTIM” of other’s activities. “Google”: “Peewee Matthews-James DeVone”, and “See what you see” about “How” others become “VICTIMS”! Then, AT EBAY.COM, see: “Kobe Bryant Look Alike” and/or “Autographed JET Magazine”(Flip Wilson is in front of a Rolls Royce), afterwards, Click on “Other Items” at the middle right of the first page, to get some MORE “HISTORY”.

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