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I attended Judith Supines solo premier show last night at his studio space in Bushwick BK entitled DIRT MANSION. Judith has been a personal favorite of mine for a while and I am lucky enough to be a friend of the genius/maniac/terrorist/artist. Judith show showed an amazing evolution from his street pieces to his firm grasp of creating a truly inspiring multi media environment. Entering the room I felt like I had arrived at some psychedelic botanical garden of sorts. I was blown away by the amount of work Judith had created for this show and the scale of the pieces. My photo’s do not do this show justice as some of the panels and pieces are 20×10 feet in scale and some of the paneled walls being 30×20 feet in scale. It is simply something you need to see in person to fully understand. This show simply put was and is one of the best shows one man shows I have seen in a long time and in keeping with Judith’s tradition of mania is a total representation of the space that Judith has created for himself in the underground art scene. Judith congrats your evolution is a beautiful thing to watch!

OK enough of me here’s some pics: This piece is approx 20 x 15 feet the scale and scoop of these pieces is unreal

Judith Supine



This piece is easily 25 feet tall and is simply amazing. It is the first piece you see upon entering the space and it is a prolouge of whats to come. Amazing piece!





This is rumored to be a portrait of me……This was pointed out by Judith’s mother to me……..craze I am now officially a muse of sorts!


These are the panels I’m talking about……it’s just amazing you have to see it in person to fully understand the magnitude of these pieces.



More Judith: Details from the Scissors head piece







I have to say this show is just a must see. I was happily surprised that the entire show was sold before it opened which is a testament of Judith’s ascent in the art world. The coolest thing is this show is hung in the environment that Judith creates in daily and where I first encountered him when I shot his sketch books for Supertouch blog a while ago. Judith’s mystique is serious, the talent unquestionable and the genre beyond classification. It’s my pleasure to watch Judith’s growth and evolution and I have to say I love watching a friend achieve this amazing moment in his career. Congrats!

Now which one is Judith? Your guess is as good as the vandal squads!


Dirt Mansion show is @English Kills Art Gallery is located close to the Morgan Ave Station on the L train. Get off at the Morgan Ave stop and use the Bogart St. exit. Take a right down Bogart until you hit Flushing Ave. Go Left on Flushing until you hit Forrest St.(first right). The show is @ English Kills Art Gallery, 114 Forrest Street - alley entrance. I highly recomend what is quickly being hailed as the show of the year! Taking a page from Banksy and Faile and superceding the existing gallery structrue Juith on his own terms has achieved what many others are afraid to do empowering himself to create and show Judith’s terms. I salute for one salute you!


Dante Ross


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