Uncategorized August 28th, 2007

Magic 07 walking the floor and more….shaking hands and kissing baby’s and watching it all go down……Check out who stopped by the 10th Deep Booth while it was going down…..

Scott Saso, Jigga man and Emeka checking out the line

Jay and his German bodyguard/knuckle head…. .. word to Jay get rid of that guy he’s wak!

The shirt of the convention and you know this bro……

Dennis the man behind Crooks and Satles and my man OOOOO. G. Jules Gayton Leiolow/Hawaii

Look at these cats….Shepard Fairey, DannyBoy and Slick form Disizit!

This will keep you moving all day long…..

Everlast and Josh the Fish in the booth

Joell Ortiz and Eric in the booth

Marlon from Sneak tip fliping the bird

The lovely Fruition girls Samantha and Valerie plus Elise from House of Cassate and there cute friend whose name I didnt know

Magic so far so good and waaaaayyy more to come……


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