Uncategorized August 22nd, 2007

Ran by the 10Deep photo shot for the fall catalog the other day and decided too share some behind the scenes look at some of the goings on……..Be on the look out for the fall collection the stuff is looking extra buttery…..

Rack of Death…….That’s a lot of tight ish right there…

Scott Saso getting his art direction on, the guy designs the brand, does the art direction for the brand from A-Z, assembles the catalog and in his spare time models for Swagger…… Does he ever sleep?

Scott and the team going over the game plan

The set up is together photographer Brian Cleaver is ready to go to work

One of my sons DJ Sal Morale international playboy and stickball superstar was one of the models….

It’s going to be a very interesting year for streetwear curious to see where it goes one thing you can bet on 10 Deep will be one of the leaders

One more of my main dude international playboy DJ Sal Morale…..Lets just say all the lady’s and I mean all the lady’s love young Sal……..He might be mack of the year every year godammit!

Come check the stuff out in person at Magic it looks amazing, it’s 10 Deep’s most mature line to date and I’m loving the stuff I saw (and the samples I got!) peep the catalog I’m sure it will be on your desktop in a matter of days…..10 Deep one of the leaders in this crazy thing called streetwear nuff said!

Here’s the Magic info should be a lot going on around there booth, last Magic it looked like they were giving away free crack in there it was so dam busy!

Worm up yall see ya in Vegas I think I already got me a hangover!




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